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How to Become the Master of Your Sensory System
Web-based Radio ProgramLearning Disabilities/Learning Challenges, Learning Differences, and Learning StrengthsStanley I. Greenspan, M.D.April 13, 2006 Good morning. This is Dr. Greenspan coming to you from our web-based radio show. Welcome to our show today. As you may recall, we’ve...
How We Help Children Learn To Be Purposeful Communicators
Web Based Radio ShowStanley I. Greenspan, M.D.September 9, 2004Helping Children Learn to Attend, Be Calm, Regulated, Engage with Others, Be Purposeful, and  Learn Communication:I  want  to  welcome  you  to  our  Web Based  Radio ...
Floortime – What It Really Is And What It Isn't
Weekly Web RadioStanley I. Greenspan, M.D.September 2, 2004Hi, this is Dr. Greenspan welcoming you back after our summer vacations. I hope you all had a good August and are raring to go. This is our first show of the fall and again, I want to apologize for getting started a few minutes late,...
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