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Our Philosphy
A common thread weaves through every connection I have made over the past 9 years.  Every child diagnosed with SPD is different, but the challenges families face continue to remain startlingly consistent:  Pediatricians who don’t recognize the signs of disorder or dysfunction,...
Our Moderators
Our Moderators play a critical role at Sensory Planet.   We ask that all of our moderators assist us with: Carefully taking into account the scope, purpose, length, and audience of  the discussions taking place; Posting new messages that introduce new topics, and asking...
Our Founder
Carrie Fannin spent almost 18 years working at acommunity bank in .A former Vice President and senior levelmanager, she managed the operations and the sales support team for the largestincome-producing department at the bank.Carrie Fannin spent almost 18 years working at a community bank in...
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