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Diagnosing Central Auditory Processing Disorder
If you suspect Central Auditory Processing Disorder ("CAPD"), you should first take your child to see a pediatrician, to make sure that there aren’t other medical problems contributing such as hearing problems, e.g. due to ear infections. The actual audiology testing for CAPD is done by an...
What Is Central Auditory Processing Disorder?
Central Auditory Processing Disorder ("CAPD") is a condition where someone has normal hearing, but the brain is unable to properly process the information it has heard, and thus the person ends up having trouble understanding what is heard.Because so much of our lives depends on sound...
Auditory Processing. Did You Know..?
Here are the five main problem areas that can affect both home and school activities in children with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD): Auditory Figure-Ground Problems: This is when the child can't pay attention when there's noise in the background. Noisy, low-structured...
Understanding Auditory Processing Disorders in Children
by Becky L. Spivey, M.Ed.What is an auditory processing disorder?Auditory processing describes what happens when our brains recognize and interpret the sounds around us. Humans hear when sound travels through the ear and changes into electrical information interpreted by the brain. The...
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