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Strategies for Returning to School after a Break
The transition from a break back to school can be difficult for children.  Professionals and parents can make the return easier with a few simple strategies:  1. Review Classroom Rules and School Policies - One of the first things to do when children...
Fun Feelings Activities
Recognizing your own feelings and identifying the feelings of others are foundation skills for developing more involved social skills such as learning to cope with feelings and responding appropriately to the feelings of others. Provide Multiple Examples: Feelings can be difficult to teach...
Teaching Children to Understand and Respond to Feelings
Children often struggle not only with understanding their feelings, but also relating to other people’s feelings.  These skills are critical for personal well being and building relationships.  This article includes steps for teaching children to understand and manage their feelings...
How to Help Children Retain Skills over the Summer Break
Children often have a hard time retaining skills during the summer break.  Many parents enroll children in summer school or extended school year, but this often is an abbreviated and less structured version of the school day.  Even when children are educated at home, summer often...
Strategies for Teaching Children to Make Good Choices
Choice is a big part of people’s lives. We decide daily what to wear, what to do, and how to treat people.  Teaching children how to make good choices is critical for independence and self-control.  This article focuses on a variety of strategies for teaching choice making. Allow...
Routines and Routine Changes
Routines provide the structure many children need for moving through the day.  This article includes strategies for developing routines as well as ideas for helping children cope with schedule changes.1. Develop and Stick to a Routine – Caregivers set expectations and build stability by...
Getting Ready for Summer Break
1. Prepare Kids – Prepare children for the summer break while they are still in school.  Classrooms often have a countdown to summer, but including one in the home also is helpful.  Discuss summer break with children including when they will return to school and what they will do over...
Teaching Children To Practice Acts Of Kindness
Being kind to other people and yourself is important for being a good friend and being happy. Modeling kindness, reflecting on kind actions, and practicing acts of kindness can help children develop this skill.  This article includes strategies for helping children learn to be kind to other...
Ways to Increase Communication and Language
There are a variety of ways to increase communication depending on a child’s age and ability level.  Below are some ideas for increasing language and communication throughout the day. Expand Sentence Length – When children answer a question or request an item using one or two...
Six Tips for Vacations and Weekend Trips
Family vacations create memories, teach children about new places, and provide an often much needed break. Unfortunately, some children have a difficult time with new situations, people, and schedules. This article includes ideas for making vacations and weekend trips less stressful and more...

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