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Tips For Educators
Ease Transitions Provide visual cues throughout the school day to prepare a student for changes in routine. For example, social stories can be introduced to rehearse and familiarize the student with concepts, schedules, and activities. Preliminary studies have shown that social stories are...
Are Teachers Asking the Right Questions?
by Becky L. Spivey, M.Ed. and Clint Johnson, M.A., CCC-SLPQuestions play an important role in the learning process. Effective questioning helps students to organize their thinking, which in turn, helps them achieve their academic goals. As teachers, we need to plan the questions in our lessons...
PE Activities For Junior & Senior School Children Who Have Dyspraxia
By Michele Lee Grad.Dip.Phys, MCSP, SRPIntroduction:These activities and games can be enjoyed in PE lessons, or in clubs and groups. They have been chosen because they are fun for all children; and are particularly helpful for those who have coordination difficulties.These children benefit...
Tips for holding scissors properly
1. Hold scissors with the thumb above the fingers.2. Point scissors away from your body, not beside your tummy.3. Keep your scissors and your work below your shoulders.4. Hold your scissors away from your face (8”-12” away).Additional cutting tips:5. The hand holding the paper should...
Help Your Child to Better Handwriting
Handwriting is a complex process of managing written language by coordinating the eyes, arms, hands, pencil grip, letter formation, and body posture. The development of a child's handwriting can provide clues to developmental problems that could hinder a child's learning because...
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