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SUN News: Traditions, Rules and Routines
 There is a well-known tale (with numerous creative and humorous variations) of a mother being scrutinized by her young child as she prepares a ham dinner. The child questions why Mom cuts the end off the ham before she cooks it. Mom pauses, and admits that she does it because that’s...
SUN news: Social Filters
I recently changed my furnace filter; something I try to do regularly throughout both the heating and cooling seasons. The filter serves as a barrier between the furnace and the air flow, helping to trap dirt and other undesired particles before they can damage the furnace or get re-circulated...
SUN News: Lessons learned from consequences
In algebra, we learn, “If ________, then _______.” A consequence works the same way, in that if we make a particular choice, a certain thing will happen. A parent might tell a child, “If you don’t clean your room, you won’t watch TV tonight.” I remember the first time I sat down to...
Sun News: The ABC's of Relationships
Have you ever tried to stand books on a bookshelf without using bookends? Chances are you haven’t been very successful at it, especially if other people are around to bump the volumes or otherwise disturb them. You’re likely to experience greater, lasting success by using bookends to...
Sun News: Embracing Tacky
A couple of weeks ago, I had lunch duty in my daughter’s second grade classroom. The kids were pleased to see that I had again brought a favorite book to read to them while they ate. This time it was a delightful children’s book entitled, “Three Cheers for Tacky,” by Helen Lester....
Sun News: How Do We View Other People?
I don’t like to get involved in talking or writing about politics. Social understanding isn’t typically a part of political discussions, leading to an impasse between people with opposing views, or worse, generating intense words and emotions that can drive people apart rather than...
Sun News: Walking in Another Person's Shoes
  There’s a popular saying that indicates that you can’t really know what another person is feeling unless you’ve “walked a mile in their shoes.” Obviously, donning their footwear may be impossible if it’s the wrong size…and even if you could, it wouldn’t likely help...
Sun News: Practicing Discernment
Earlier this month our Lakeshore Young Adult Network discussed the meaning of “gullibility,” and compared that to “wisdom and discernment.” We talked about the importance of knowing ourselves (our goals, strengths, and challenges), as well as finding ways to evaluate the claims or...
SUN News: Tips for Evaluating Opportunities
Throughout the lifetime of a child with ASD, parents are often faced with the question of where to send them to school, what activities to enroll them in, etc. Sometimes this question is sparked by a natural transition such as the child turning a certain age. Other times it may be sparked by...
SUN News: Musical Chairs
Have you ever played the party game "Musical Chairs?" It's a simple little game where players walk around a circle of chairs while music plays. When the music stops, each person rushes to sit in a chair. The catch is that there aren't quite enough chairs--one person is left standing...

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