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SUN News: Proactive Parents?
My husband and I try to be proactive parents! Although our children sometimes complain, they would tell you that they do not dislike us for it; in fact, during moments of honest reflection, they would likely tell you that it has earned us their respect. What is a proactive parent? A proactive...
Fun Feelings Activities
Recognizing your own feelings and identifying the feelings of others are foundation skills for developing more involved social skills such as learning to cope with feelings and responding appropriately to the feelings of others. Provide Multiple Examples: Feelings can be difficult to teach...
SUN News: The Benefits of Reaching Out to Others?
Many parents, school-workers, and employers carefully adapt tasks and environments to suit the strengths and challenges of their children, students, and employees. This adaptation enables people with unique challenges to be successful, similar to the way that their peers are able to be successful...
SUN News: Do you like them??
"I don't like that man. I'm going to have to get to know him better." I came across this quote recently, attributed to early American president Abraham Lincoln. Do you have someone in your life who fits this description? What can we do to understand--and possibly improve our...
Teaching Children to Understand and Respond to Feelings
Children often struggle not only with understanding their feelings, but also relating to other people‚Äôs feelings.  These skills are critical for personal well being and building relationships.  This article includes steps for teaching children to understand and manage their feelings...
Sun News: No One Size Fits All?
Social skills often masquerade as a "one size fits all" panacea for which we can develop and enforce a list of rules and regulations. But like a T-shirt that hangs on one person's frame or stretches to cover another, an approach based on listing and teaching "social skills" is likely to fall...
SUN News: Integrating Sensory and Social?
It is likely you have heard of sensory integration. In a few words, sensory integration is the brain's ability to process information taken in through the senses to screen out unnecessary input and "make sense of the rest" to aid in decision-making and appropriate responses to and...
SUN News: Bridging the Gaps?
One of my favorite structures in the world is the Mackinaw Bridge, which spans the Mackinaw Straits between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. Not only does nostalgia increase my love for this bridge, since I have delightful memories of camping at its base as a child, but the sheer...
SUN News: Delicate Ecosystems?
Somewhere in the Redwood National Park in California, there's a tree with the reputation of being the current tallest tree in the world. I've read that they do not publicize exactly where the tree is located, or mark it with a sign or other form of distinction. Apparently the reason for...
How to Help Children Retain Skills over the Summer Break
Children often have a hard time retaining skills during the summer break.  Many parents enroll children in summer school or extended school year, but this often is an abbreviated and less structured version of the school day.  Even when children are educated at home, summer often...

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