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Electrify Learning with Playdough: Five Squishy Circuit Kits to Giveaway!

giveaway contest ends january 12, 2012  11:59 PM EST

alt photo courtesy: AnnMarie P. Thomas
Would your child want to learn about electrical circuits using this type of teaching material?

alt photo courtesy: AnnMarie P. Thomas



 ....or would she rather use some playdough instead?

WHAT: Squishy Circuits Kit
DOES:  Perhaps the most non-intimidating and playful hands-on way to teach and learn about electrical circuits- even the little ones can do it!  Grown-ups should still stick around to supervise.
INVEST: $19.99
TOOLS: Think Like a Scientist/Engineer, Express Yourself
SEE Giveaway Instructions at the bottom of post

If you prefer the latter image then you are no different from me or Number 1 or the numerous parents to whom I have shown this kit.   Just a few weeks ago, I showed this kit to a friend of mine and within thirty seconds of turning the power on, she asked me, "Where can I get this?"
To read more click on the link below:
note: I am so happy to return to writing and return to Sensory Planet.  It's been so long.  I'm eager to catch up on all the news and hear from old acquaintances.   Please come visit my new site, you will be familiar with some of the toys I've reviewed.   This is a shopping perspective that I am assuming many of us know all too well.  I am just basically organizing it into compartments so we can access them based our own needs.   Hope you'll stop by
-Jenn Choi

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