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alt For the price you might want it to play music or flash messages but I think that single-function gadgets are highly effective and very classroom-friendly.   photo: Behavioral Dynamics Inc.

WHAT:  MotivAider
DOES:  simple tool can be worn on your person and send you reminders via vibrations at a timed interval of your choice; single-function gadgets can be simply powerful.
INVEST: $59.50 (prices may vary with retailer)
TOOLS: Family Fix-its, Fertilize Responsibility and Courtesy, I Can Take Care of Myself, Remember to Learn
EXPERT OPINION: Beverly Whalen-Schmeller, School Psychologist, Metro Nashville Public Schools 
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Few things are harder than teaching a child to stop depending on you and start depending on himself.  Here's what I mean:  I have successfully quit smoking but have had almost NO success with dieting.  I think it's because you don't really need to smoke cigarettes to live.   But you do need to eat food.

The same thing goes with teaching children to become more independent.  You can be teaching them how to to make their bed but then at the end of the day, you're making sure they've rinsed out all the shampoo on their head.  Help is help.  I think it's so instinctive for them to expect help when things get hard.  

But we still need to teach them how to be independent, right?  After having success with our Park and Learn and Time Timer, I figured I can try other independence-fertilizers as well.  Thus, I decided to try out the MotivAider, a product that I thought was basically for kids who have trouble paying attention.

alt I have dropped this thing so many times.  It still works great!  photo: Behavioral Dynamics Inc.

But I was wrong. MotivAiders are not solely about paying attention.  It's really a tool to change all kinds of habits and behaviors.   A simple way to explain how it works is that you can wear this gadget and have it vibrate every 4 minutes (you choose # of minutes or seconds).  You can adjust the vibration intensity and length and even make it randomly vibrate too. 

To be effective,  you should teach yourself to self-talk a specific phrase when it vibrates like:
My mother will yell at me.  Get back to work.
or maybe just - 
Get back to work.

Walking Speaks Louder Than Talking

But after the MotivAider arrived at our doorstep, I stressed over how to introduce it to Number 1 Son who can think a hundred thoughts per minute. This makes him very creative but also makes doing "work" very hard. Which phrase should I teach him? How long should he wear it for?  Should I send it to school? Oy!


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