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alt It's like three toys in one. Kids can play with the Zarts (suction arrows) and the Zooperball (rounded tip arrows) without the bow.  photo: Zing Toys
WHAT: Air Storm Z Curve Bow by Zing Toys
DOES:  I choose this over a toy gun anyday!; opportunity to use Olympics and the movie Brave to have your child embrace the toy version of this amazing sport, stresses trial-and-error learning, gives immediate feedback for performance even faster than video games; allows for practice on the act of focusing
INVEST:  $19.99 MSRP
TOOLS:  My Body Needs to Move, Think Like a Scientist/Engineer, Social Scene Helper (sports played along among like-minded folks help ease social setting), Lose and Win Gracefully

In the B.C. era (Before Children), there were three toys I said that I would never buy: a toy gun, a toy sword, and a toy bow-and-arrow.   But like most parents, after our children are born, we issue retractions.  I definitely had purchased toy dart guns (in the name of pretend play) and light sabers in the past but still, I had not purchased a bow and arrow. I think that it's because guns and swords are easy.  Archery is not, you have to be a bit older. 
Number 1 Son is 8-years-old now.  He is definitely old enough in my book and after watching Brave in the theatre, I decided to test out a toy bow and arrow that looked promising.

alt Number 1 flipped when he saw this.  He was really surprised to get this from me because he knows I'm not a fan of toy-weapons but I like this toy.  It appears to be quite safe and not as noisy as I thought it might be.   photo: Zing Toys
The Air Storm Z Curve Bow by Zing Toys not only promises, it delivers!  I absolutely love the Z Curve!  I love watching my son create targets to shoot and then focus at aiming to shoot them.  The foam makes this whole set not only safe but also reminds them (and you) that it's just a toy.  He doesn't get upset if he doesn't do well. I think there is potential for disappointment and giving up when something is so dependent on a child's pre-existing skills.  But the design of the Air Storm Z Curve Bow with its special hook arrows and specially-created bow makes shooting easy.

alt Immediate feedback is the best!
Channel That Energy 
This is a perfect example of kinesthetic learning and more importantly, learning how to focus using our bodies.  I think most of us think that focusing is an act that remains primarily in your head.  But, I believe that focusing is a whole body action. What I mean is that if your child is "always-on-the-move" or if he has "ants in his pants" then your child maybe the BEST candidate for archery.  Likewise, for the more floppy bodies or even flabby bodies, archery may still be a good way to roll.  Maybe I sound too new age for you but bear with me. 
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Thanks for letting me post here.  I'm always up for suggestions.  If you would like an item reviewed please let me know.  SPD parents know tons about toys and therapeutic products.   Their adaptations that they make in the home are amazing!!!!!- Jenn Choi
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