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Review and Giveaway: Make Your Own Snowman World: Silly Sensory Play






WHAT:  Make Your Own Snowman World by DuneCraft
DOES:  Allow you to safely and casually carry out scientific play.
TOOLS:  Express Yourself, More Make-Believe Please, Think Like a Scientist/Engineer
Read more about the giveaway for this wondrous sensory play kit and the plant that "never dies" HERE



I like when my kids play with science toys.  I feel like they are doing something good that they can apply to their futures.  However, when I look at the science toys we do have, I notice that they all have something to do with electricity.  That seems a little shortsighted to me but what else is really out there?

Yes, there are lots of other things available but some of those science kits are really expensive.  I also want my son to experiment with test tubes and such but I worry a little.  With such kits, you MUST follow directions and if it can fit into a test tube then there is a chance that you can be cleaning up a big fat mess. Ugh!  Are such science toys really worth the trouble? 

YES!!!!  I have one and it's very affordable!  And while it is good sensory fun, it wasn't a horror to clean up!  If anything, the clean up was nothing compared to how much fun we had.





This reminds me of the stuff in disposable diapers but I don't think it's the exact same thing.

alt Molds work well when creating snowmen.  We used a small playdoh container.

Seriously Can Kids Really Make Snow... even in the Summer?

I have long been curious about instant snow kits. .....  For More on this kit and about the giveaway CLICK : MORE SENSORY PLAY + GIVEAWAY



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